Understanding Reschedge pricing

Reschedge is offered in a SaaS (Software as a Service) model. Access to the service can be purchased with an annual subscription. With an annual subscription, a payment is made at the beginning of each year. If you upgrade, the change will take place immediately. If you downgrade, the downgrade will only take effect at the end of the yearly billing cycle.

The subscription price is based on one dimension only: The number of Interviewers who will be scheduled using Reschedge. Each Interviewer in Reschedge requires an Interviewer license.

The subscription price is not based on:

  1. The number of Interviews you schedule: You can schedule unlimited Interviews.
  2. The number of Users that schedule Interviews: You can give access to Reschedge to as many Users within your organization as you like.
  3. The number of Rooms & resources you schedule: You can add unlimited number of Rooms & resources to your account and schedule them together with your Interview.

Interviewer licenses

Interviewer licenses in Reschedge behave as named licenses. Once an Interviewer is added, it is attached to a license, and that license becomes reserved specifically for that interviewer. You can see the number of licenses available and the licenses that are in use in the Interviewers page.

Interviewers that you wish to remove from your account will first enter a pending state. You are able to view the pending removal list anytime by clicking on the View pending removal list link on the Interviewers page. You are also able to cancel the removal of an Interviewer by clicking on the Cancel removal link next to it.

At the end of the billing cycle, any Interviewers that are pending for removal will be deleted, the respective Interviewer licenses will become available, and you will be able to add new Interviewers that will consume the licenses.

Interviewers and Rooms that are scheduled for future Interviews

If an Interviewer or Room is scheduled for a future Interview, you cannot remove it from your account until the Interview day has passed. This is because you are still able to send notifications to them, and make changes to the Interview. If you do wish to remove the Interviewer or Room, you can:

  1. First remove the Interviewer or Room from any future Interviews, and then delete it, or
  2. Remove the Interviewer or Room after the Interview day has passed.
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