Troubleshooting Reschedge: Schedule options could not be generated

This article describes common issue when schedule options cannot be generated and how these issues can be fixed.

 1. Not connected to Exchange or Office 365

If you have entered incorrect Exchange or Office 365 credentials in the personal settings, or your Reschedge Account Admin entered incorrect credentials of a dedicated Exchange mailbox, you can still work with Reschedge. However, if you try to schedule an Interview, you will receive an error message that schedule options could not be generated when trying to generate schedules.

Solution: Run the diagnostics tool to check your Exchange connection, and check your Exchange credentials if necessary, or contact your Reschedge Account Admin.

2. Too many location changes

Reschedge unique algorithm is designed to find the best possible scheduling scenario, with minimum location changes. In a multiple-Sessions Interview, if too many different Rooms are specified, Reschedge might not be able to generate schedule options.  

Solution: Decrease the number of different Rooms you are using in one Interview.

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