Troubleshooting Reschedge: Interview design and availability issues

To generate schedule options, Reschedge uses a constraint solver that uses multiple constraints (your Interview design, Candidate’s availability and Interviewers’ and Rooms’ availability). Under some circumstances, Reschedge will not be able to generate any Schedule options. This typically happens when your Interview design logic poses an impossible scenario to schedule.

In this case, Reschedge will display an error message, in the third step of the scheduling Interview process. This can be due to a number of reasons:

1. Requiring a combination of Tags, or a combination of a named Interviewer and a Tag, that does not exists.

When designing an Interview, you can select an Interviewer for a Session based on multiple Tags, or by a named Interviewer with a Tag. If there isn’t any such Interviewer, Reschedge won’t be able to offer Schedules.

Solution: Change the Interview design and remove some of the Tags, or update your Interviewers list.

2. More than one Session is set on the same order

When designing the Interview, you can select the specific order of the Sessions. However, if you define two or more Sessions to be on the same position (e.g. two Sessions to be the first Session), Reschedge won’t be able to Schedule such scenario.

Solution: Go back to the Interview design stage and change the order of the Sessions.

3. Asking to book a Room when no Rooms available by default

In Reschedge, you can create a Session within an Interview without specifying the location where the Session will take place. This causes Reschedge to select a random location from the Rooms set as default. When no Rooms are set as default, Reschedge won’t be able to generate any Schedules.

Solution: Select a specific Room at the design stage, or define a Room as default.

4. Specifying an exact Interview time that is outside the Candidate’s availability

If you’ve set a start time for one or more Sessions that does not overlap with the Candidate’s availability, Reschedge won’t be able to offer any Schedules.

Solution: Change the start time of the Sessions or request more availability from your Candidate.

5. Total Interview duration is longer than the Candidate’s availability

This situation happens when your Interview duration is longer than the Candidate’s availability (in a single slot). This is usually caused when the User has entered manual availability on behalf of the Candidate, when the Candidate has entered availability and the User had edited it, or when the Interview design was changed after the availability was already entered.

Solution: Change the total length of the Interview or ask the Candidate to enter more availability.

6. Interviewers have specific unskippable meetings

By default Reschedge treats any meeting conflicts as unknown. If you have set specific meetings as unskippable, Reschedge might not be able to find any other available Schedules.

Solution: You can either change the Interview design and choose different Interviewers, request more availability from the Candidate, or consult with the Interviewers to ask which meetings can be defined as skippable.

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