Troubleshooting Reschedge: Google G Suite integration

This article describes potential issues with G Suite integration (formerly Google Apps) and how these issues can be resolved.

1. I cannot schedule an Interview

If you receive an error that schedule options could not be generated when trying to generate Interview schedule options, the Google security token might have expired. The Google token might expire for one of the following reasons: 

  • You have specifically revoked access to Reschedge from your G Suite account
  • Your password is no longer valid and the token must be renewed. It might be because you updated the password in your G Suite account.
  • You might have additional tokens used for other applications and your G Suite account has exceeded the limit of token requests. Hence the Reschedge token has expired.

In all cases, the Reschedge access to your Google Calendar has been revoked, and you must renew your connection. To renew the Reschedge connection to your Google Calendar, simply sign out from Reschedge and reconnect using your G Suite account.

2. Calendar data missing

If you’re getting an error that calendar data is missing, it means that Reschedge cannot access your Interviewer’s or Room’s calendar. This may be caused by several reasons:

  • Temporary connection issue with Google server
  • The Interviewer you’re trying to schedule with has left the organization
  • The Interviewer/Room you’re trying to schedule with has stopped sharing their calendar with you, or their email address was changed or deleted.

If you experience this issue you have various options:

  1. Remove the Interviewer or Room from your Reschedge account, and try to schedule the Interview again. In this case you might have to change your Interview design.
  2. Check the calendar sharing permissions for the problematic calendar.
  3. Retry to schedule the Interview with the current settings

If you believe you should have access to the requested calendar, contact the G Suite administrator within your organization.

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