Reschedge: Timezones

Reschedge automatically detects your timezone based on your computer settings. You can see the time zone on the bottom-left corner in the Enter Candidate information stage

It is recommended that you set the timezone according to your Interviewers’ (or if you’re scheduling for multiple Interviewers in different timezones, the timezone of your main Interviewer). This has multiple advantages:

  • The schedule options Reschedge offers will appear according to the organization’s timezone, allowing you to easily choose a schedule that fall within your Interviewers’ work day.
  • The schedule on your Interviewers’ notes will also appear according to your organization’s timezone.
  • The Interview will be created and appear in the list view according to the organization’s timezone. 
  • If you are scheduling for multiple Interviewers in different timezones, the calendar invite that is sent to them will be adjusted to the timezone of each Interviewer.

NoteIf the Candidates are in a different timezone than the Interview timezone, remember to adjust the Interview time in the email notifications that you send them according to their timezone. 

Tip: Changing the timezone will adjust the availability that was already entered accordingly. Use this if you want to enter availability according to the Candidate’s timezone, and then switch back to the Interviewers’ timezone, while keeping the Candidate’s availability accurate. If you’re asking the Candidate to enter availability, don’t forget to check the timezone that the Candidate chose, and adjust it if necessary.

To change the timezone, click on the existing zone to bring up a map of the world. Choose the relevant region and click on Select. 

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