Reschedge: Request Candidate availability Template

Reschedge provides the ability to create your own email Templates for asking Candidates to enter their availability in the second step of designing an Interview – Enter Candidate information

You can create your own Email Templates in the Enter Candidate Information -> Ask a Candidate tab -> Template Options drop-down menu -> Manage email templates

 Here you can edit an existing Template by opening it from the Load drop-down menu, or create a new Template. You can choose a name of the Template, define its Access level, and edit the email Subject & body. 

You can also add different Variables. Variables are dynamic fields that change based on the Interview’s details. Variables appear in the email in [brackets]. Any text outside of brackets will appear exactly as is. 

In Reschedge, you can use the following Variables:

  • Company name
  • Candidate full name
  • Candidate first name
  • Recruiter full name
  • Recruiter first name
  • Link to enter availability
  • Requisition (e.g. “accountant”)
  • Requisition with article (e.g. “an accountant”) 

The most important variable is the [link] variable. Without it, Candidates will not be able to send their availability to Reschedge. 

The easiest way to create these variables in your template is to write your email until you get to a place where you want to enter one of these. Then click the Variable drop down menu with the text Insert Variable and you'll see the list of available items. When you click on the one you want, the variable will be inserted at your cursor position and you can continue writing the rest of your email.

You can also set the Template as a default Template by checking the Set as your personal default template checkbox. 

Finally, click on Save to save the Template. If there's a template with that name already, it will be overwritten. Alternatively, click Close to close the editor without saving. If you’ve loaded an existing Template, you can remove it by clicking on the red Remove button.

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