Reschedge: Personal settings


This section will only appear when connecting to Reschedge with Microsoft Exchange + Office 365.

In the Personal settings area, found by clicking on your sign-in ID-> Personal settings, you can :

  • Change your name, which will appear in Reschedge. Your name will be used to identify yourself when assigning Interviews and for emails sent to Candidates. The name change will also be reflected in the Manage Users and Teams section, for your User.
  • Change your personal log-in password
  • If your organization integrates with Exchange or Office 365 where each User enters their own Exchange credentials, you will be able to enter your Email, User name, Password and Exchange Web Services URL here. If you don’t know what’s your Exchange Web Services URL you can leave it blank, and Reschedge will attempt to auto-detect it. After entering your credentials, you can go to the Diagnostics page and test your connection. If you’re unable to connect, you can read more about common causes for unsuccessful connection
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