Reschedge: Pending Interviews view

The home page of your Reschedge account is the Schedule tab in the top navigation bar. This is the place where you can view and manage your past, future, and pending Interviews, or schedule new Interviews.

You can either view all Interviews that appear in each view, or filter your results, by entering relevant Filters in the Filter interviews textbox.

You can view your Interviews in three modes: List view, Calendar view, and pending interviews view

The third view that is available in Reschedge is the Pending Interviews view. This view is different from the other two, as it doesn’t preview Interviews that were scheduled, but Interviews in-process.

When a User starts to schedule a new Interview, and asks the Candidate for their availability, the Interview creation process is paused, and the Candidate is added to the Pending Interviews list, with “Waiting on Candidate” status.

After the Candidate has filled out their availability using the Reschedge platform, their status is changed to Availability received, and the action’s date & time will be indicated. You can then click on the blue Resume scheduling button to continue the Interview creation process.

In this view, you’re also able to view the emails that were sent to the Candidate, asking to fill out his availability, or to Hide the Interview in-process completely. You can also click on the Candidate’s name to enter the second stage in the Interview creation process, fill out their availability manually, change their details or send them another email asking for their availability.

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