Reschedge: Introduction to Tags

Tags are free-form labels that you can give to Interviewers and Rooms in Reschedge. When you add a Tag, it is color coded to match with all of the other Tags set in your account. 

Instead of choosing a specific Interviewer or Room when scheduling an Interview, Tags allow broader flexibility, scheduling a meeting with any Interviewer or Room in a defined group with specific characteristics. 

If you set an Interview Template, and can’t guarantee the same Interviewers will always be available, you can save the template with only Tags for Interviewers and Rooms so that you don't have to check any schedules ahead of time, and you’re only able to choose a schedule that works when Reschedge finds the right Interviewers and Rooms.

Tags can indicate various characteristics, for example:

For Interviewers:

  • Job title (Product manager; HR; Sales development manager)
  • Department (Sales; Marketing)
  • Seniority (Associate; Manager; Executive)
  • Skills (Python; UX)

For Rooms:

  • Location (New-York Office; Building A)
  • Specific equipment in the Room (Whiteboard; Phone conference; Projector)

You can add, edit or remove Tags on the Interviewers tab, or the Rooms tab.

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