Reschedge: G Suite integration

Users in Reschedge can connect their Reschedge account to their organization’s G Suite account (formerly Google Apps). The integration with G Suite uses the OAuth2 authentication method, and connects with a secure Google token.

The integration between Reschedge and G Suite provides the ability to retrieve busy time from hiring managers’ and resources’ calendars, and schedule Interviews with them.

The integration uses the permissions Users already have when viewing calendars. So if one of your Users only has free/busy read access to an Interviewer’s calendar, they will only see free/busy information for that Interviewer in Reschedge.

To integrate Reschedge with your G Suite account simply sign in to Reschedge with your G Suite account, and it’s done. Read more about signing in to your Reschedge account with G Suite

If you're unable to sign in, visit our troubleshooting page to learn more about common causes of unsuccessful connection

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