Managing Interviews in Reschedge

Reschedge puts a focus on Interview management, providing full control to Users on Interviews that were scheduled across their organization.

Reschedge allows you to easily manage your future and pending Interviews, as well as to view your past Interviews, all in three convenient views: List view, Calendar view, and Pending interviews view. Each view provides a broad overview of the Interviews that were scheduled and conducted in your organization, giving you full visibility on the hiring process. Learn more about the List, Calendar and Pending Interviews views

You can either view all the Interviews that appear in each view, or filter your results, by entering relevant Filters in the Filter interviews textbox. This is useful in large organizations that schedule Interviews in a large scale, allowing each recruiter to customize Reschedge to their needs, showing them only relevant information. Learn more about Filters

Reschedge also allows you to easily edit, reschedule or cancel the Interview after it was scheduled, at any given moment. This is extremely useful for last-minute changes, where an alternative Interviewer must be scheduled immediately. Learn more about rescheduling and cancelling Interviews

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