How does Reschedge read availability from your calendar?

By default, Reschedge is set to find time in Interviewers’ calendars when the calendar shows that they are free. 

NoteReschedge can only access the Interviewers’ main calendar. 

Reschedge will block availability at all times where other events are scheduled in your Interviewers’ calendars – No matter whether the event is set to be shown as “busy”, “away”, “out of office”, “tentative”, “working elsewhere”, “available” or “free”.

However, there are two other options depending on how Interviewers want to set up their calendar availability:

  1. I have time reserved for interviews means that the Interviewer sets aside meeting time by adding a calendar event and inviting as one of the participants. In this case, Reschedge will only consider time scheduled for interviewing and ignore all other availability. 
  2. I have time reserved for interviews and no other meetings at that time works the same way, but will present times with additional meetings as time not available to schedule. 

To change the default setting, click on the Interviewers tab in your top navigation bar, select one or more Interviewers using the checkboxes to the left of each Interviewer's name, click on Edit Selected menu and change the Interviewing availability setting. Click on the blue Save changes button and you’re done.

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