Creating and editing Teams in Reschedge

Account Admins can organize different Users into Teams, of one or more Users. A Team can be used in couple of ways:

  • Interviews have an explicit Assignee and an Access mode, so they can be kept private to the Assignee, shared with the entire account, or shared with a specific Team only
  • Interviews and email Templates have an Access mode, so Users can have private Templates, or share their Templates across the entire account or with a specific Team
  • A specific Team can be used when filtering Interviews on the Schedule tab
  • Users can generate Reports with data based on Teams’ activities

To access the Team management settings, click on your Sign-in ID-> Manage Users and Teams -> Teams

To create a new Team, enter the Team name, and click on the blue +Add Team button. A new Team will be created, and a new screen will open to add or remove Team members, change Team members role or delete the Team altogether. 

To add a User to the team, enter the required User name, choose the relevant role, and click on the blue +Add User button.

To change the Team member Role, click on the Role drop-down menu next to the Team member you would like to edit, and choose the new Role. 

To remove a Team member from the Team, click on the blue Remove text next to the Team member you would like to remove. A new pop-up window will appear asking to confirm the removal.

You can also delete the Team altogether. To do this click on the red Delete this team button. 

NoteIf any Interviews or Templates were set to be accessed by the Team you are trying to delete, a new pop-up window will open, requesting to change the Interviews’ and/or Templates’ Access mode. You can also set to whom the Interviews or Templates will be assigned. This is obligatory when setting the Access mode as private. After setting the Access mode and/or Assignee, click on the red Delete and re-assign button to delete the Team.

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